Oral Health during COVID-19


Precautions for Good Oral Health during COVID-19 Lockdown Period

As we all know this pandemic of Covid 19 has severely affected our day to day life. Even very common chores like going for a Morning Walk is not possible due to very contagicity of this Virus.

In this pandemic even getting your Dental Treatment is not possible as most of the Dental Clinics are attending to the emergency ailments only. So prevention is always better to avoid any contingency.

Certain Precautions to be taken for good  oral health:

  • Start brushing twice daily
  • Start using a mouthwash if you are not doing it.
  • For patients with chronic illness (Diabetes, Oral Cancer,any disease by birth, Hypothyroidism) they should rinse with povidine 1% (Betadine) solution.
  • TakeVitamin C & Vitamin B12  supplements to boost your immunity or some natural supplements as suggested by ministry of Ay
  • Hydrate yourself adequately & exercise daily.
  • Eat balance & healthy diet.
  • Take good care of your artificial Teeth either fixed or removable(keep your removable Teeth in solution with Clinsodent Tablets ) .

In case of any emergency we should be aware of the alarmicity  of the situation. So what constitutes a dental emergency:

  • Painful swelling
  • Bleeding that doesn’t stop
  • Pain inTooth or Jaw
  • Broken Tooth
  • Your cheek or gums hurt from braces or wires

In case you are not sure whether your problem falls in emergency condition or not please contact us for help.

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