5 Common Reasons You Might Need Braces


Do you find yourself smiling with closed lips? Or perhaps you have a habit of covering your mouth when you burst into laughter? If you’re among the many people who struggle with crooked teeth, our team of skilled orthodontists is here to help. Don’t let dental issues cause you pain or embarrassment any longer. Embrace the transformative power of braces, which can straighten your teeth, address bite problems, and significantly enhance the appearance of your smile. The best part is that the positive changes achieved through dental braces are designed to last a lifetime. Keep on reading as we delve into five compelling reasons why you might consider embracing braces for a brighter, more confident smile.

Dental Spacing

Have you noticed irregular gaps between your teeth, causing your smile to appear uneven? This could be due to teeth that are proportionally smaller or even missing.

While closing the wide gaps in your smile may initially seem like a cosmetic concern, it is important to recognize the broader implications for your oral health. Teeth that are widely spaced apart can create pockets where food particles easily become trapped, leading to issues such as bad breath, cavities, and other dental complications. By addressing these spacing concerns, we not only ameliorate the aesthetics of your smile but also help safeguard your oral health in the long run.

Dental Crowding

One of the most prevalent reasons to seek orthodontic treatment is dental crowding, where it feels like there isn’t enough space in your mouth for all your teeth, resulting in overlapping teeth. Addressing crowded teeth can have a transformative effect on your smile, significantly improving its appearance.

Beyond the cosmetic benefits, correcting dental crowding can also contribute to better oral health by reducing the risk of cavities. Crowded teeth create hiding spots where dental plaque can accumulate, out of reach of toothbrush bristles. By straightening your teeth, you eliminate these hiding places, making it more challenging for plaque to accumulate and cause oral health issues.

Excessive Overbite

Do you ever experience the discomfort of your lower teeth biting into the roof of your mouth or disappearing when you bite down? It’s possible that you have a pronounced overbite, which can have negative consequences if left unaddressed. Not only can it root damage to your front teeth, but it can also harm your gum tissues.

Fortunately, braces treatment in East of Kailash is well-equipped to enhance the look of your smile by correcting your overbite, regardless of your age. It’s worth noting that treating overbites is generally easier in children, as their jaws are still growing, allowing for more manageable movement through orthodontic treatment. However, as the technology has improved, it is still treatable later in life. So, whether you’re young or an adult, don’t hesitate to explore the possibilities of improving your smile and addressing any discomfort caused by an excessive overbite.

Substantial Underbite

Have you noticed that your lower teeth protrude beyond your upper front teeth when you flash a smile? This may be a clear indication of an underbite, which our proficient orthodontists can effectively treat. An underbite can present challenges during everyday activities such as eating or speaking, potentially increasing the risk of oral injuries.

Noticeable Open Bite

Take a moment to smile at your reflection in the mirror. Do you observe a distinct gap between your upper and lower teeth? If this is the circumstance, you might be dealing with an open bite. Individuals with open bites often encounter challenges when it comes to proper eating and speaking. Additionally, they may develop habits that they find embarrassing, such as tongue thrusting.

Rest assured that if you’re struggling with an open bite, our team of orthodontists is here to help. Through a variety of orthodontic treatments, they can correct your smile and address the specific needs of your open bite. Don’t let an open bite hinder your confidence and comfort any longer. Reach out for braces treatment in East of Kailash and let them guide you towards a beautifully aligned smile.

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